As a Somatic Psychotherapist I believe that the body holds just as much power, intelligence, and importance as the mind. The way memories and experiences are stored, the way we hold ourselves, the way we experience and regulate emotions, the subconscious ways we react— it’s all powerful information to get to know ourselves more deeply, and from there to be able to expand our experiential options. As such, I work both intellectually and physically using a variety of modalities including relational talk therapy, somatic experiencing, eastern philosophy, formative psychology, and mindfulness.

Because all the wisdom and potential you could ever have lives inside of you, I see our work together as a process of co-creating the conditions for growth where you are able to be guided by your own intuition. I see my role as a witness, space holder, inquirer, history keeper, supporter and guide. Safety and trust are of paramount importance for productive therapeutic work, so building a strong container in which you feel seen, heard and held in unconditional positive regard is always my initial focus. I want to understand what formed you to this point and where you want to go from here; I also want to know how you are experiencing yourself and your world in this very moment, because the present is the most potent and accessible place from which to evolve, process, change and create.

My style is warm, open, steady, joyful and grounded. I believe deeply in the human ability to heal, evolve, and expand beyond what the mind may think is possible, and am humbled to accompany my clients on their journey towards ever deeper, richer, and more empowered experiences.