About Me

After growing up in Michigan and getting my undergrad degree in creative writing in Chicago, I set off on a multi-year journey to learn and practice an assortment of healing modalities including massage therapy, yoga therapy, energy work, life and recovery coaching, meditation and plant medicine work. This took me over the course of 12 years from Chicago to Australia, to Thailand, to NYC, to Latin America, and eventually to San Francisco where I received my graduate degree in my dream career--Somatic Psychotherapy. 

Though I was an extremely empathic child with "healing" proclivities, this journey was not purely a selfless pursuit. I've had my own obstacles to overcome and wouldn't take no for an answer when it came to living my biggest, fullest, freest, most connected life. This meant taking a deep dive to learn about myself, my past, my lineage, my patterns, my trauma, my fears, my self-image, my limitations, and my immense power. It was 12 years of continuously shoving myself out of my comfort zone and learning to fly in a hundred different ways, practicing what I'd learned with myself and with others. This personal experience adds a great deal of depth to my work as I haven't simply learned about healing and self-evolution-- I have FELT it. I have WORKED for it. I have PRACTICED it.  I have been softened and strengthened and clarified by it. And I won't ever stop. 

Life isn't always easy. It can be confusing and lonely and painful and frustrating as hell. I get it. But I also believe that despite all that, we are each capable of being "the hero of our own story" in a very real way. That hero's path is different for everyone. It's my life's work to help people to thoroughly get to know themselves-- body, mind and spirit-- to access their power and gain the tools, conditions and insights needed to create real growth. We're all in this together and it is my pleasure and honor to share my heart and everything I've learned along the way, to provide a sense of both comfort and expansiveness, and to co-create the conditions for growth with my clients.